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Written by  Jaime Cowper and Jack Canfield  Co-written by  other leading professionals from around the world!

Written by Jaime Cowper and Jack Canfield
Co-written by other leading professionals from around the world!

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The team of national financial experts who wrote this book collectively have over 425 years of experience helping people just like you plan for a successful retirement focusing their efforts on one single goal: helping the clients they meet with have a safe, secure, worry-free, and very enjoyable retirement. We spend every day working with retired people and those nearing retirement, collectively called “retirees”, helping them make informed decisions about their money to encourage a successful retirement. Now retired, or soon to face retirement, you have a completely different financial picture and view of your money than you did 20 years ago.

Download exclusive chapters of Jaime’s latest book, which includes 50 pages of powerful financial knowledge that you cannot afford to miss. Momma’s Secret Recipe reveals various keys that can aid in the creation of a successful retirement plan, which may seem just as elusive and mysterious as that favorite recipe Momma used to make! By reading this exclusive pre-release, you’ll learn how important it is to:

  • Know the risk level of your portfolio right now, which could tell you how much you might lose if the stock market crashed.

  • Work towards minimizing portfolio volatility and losses, pinpoint the amount of risk you are comfortable with taking, create an allocation to match your desired risk level.

  • Use multiple conservative asset strategies to help you meet your specific financial goals.

  • Provide the opportunity to earn competitive rates of return without exposing your assets to excessive risks.

  • Obtain full disclosure in writing detailing your plan advantages, disadvantages, costs/fees, how each asset works, and how you will use each asset as part of your overall comprehensive plan.

  • Know how much income you will receive throughout your retirement, what income is guaranteed, and what income is “maybe income” (not guaranteed).

And much MUCH MORE!

Reading these chapters will change the way you view your money forever. You will learn how to handle risk, taxes, income, and planning, now that you are retired. A successful retirement plan should incorporate elements that help to give you a sustainable income and avoid large stock market losses, read the chapters and you'll learn how to implement the strategies that can give you more confidence in both of these areas.